World Outgames Antwerp


World Outgames is a quadrennial global event, hosted by a selected city, for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questionning and Intersex (LGBTQI) community and their open minded friends, based upon three equal pillars:

SPORT – The World Outgames are the quadrennial global sport championships, in about 35 different sports.

CULTURE – The World Outgames offer an international cultural festival, where the host city starts from certain topics or themes that it wants to emphasize. Educational creativity celebrates and offers event for each target group.

HUMAN RIGHTS – The unique character of the World Outgames is created by organizing a big global human rights conference, with primal attention to LGBTQI rights. The subjects are grouped into six main themes: Social, Cultural, Political, Economic, Academical and Health. Upon the guidance of the IAG (International Advisory Group), the participants debate with each other. It’s the task of the IAG to

deliver experts in the field of these debates and to work on political pressure.

These three elements provide a big professional event, where tolerance, diversity, hospitality, social innovation, sports and culture take a central place. The event also provides an enormous economic boost and an expansion of the tourism sector.

The final overall economic return after the first World Outgames (Montreal, 2006) was estimated at 73 million euros (with 12,000 registered participants). In Copenhagen (2009), the return was estimated to 10 million euros (with 6,000 registered participants).

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