Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium Lars Deike Exhibition


Einladung: (English below) Die Lars Deike Ausstellung (vom Servicewerk Berlin geplant) findet auf der Leather und Fetish Pride in Antwerpen statt. Vernissage ist am 17. Feb. um 17.30 im Restaurant House of Heart auf dem Gelände der Darklands http://www.leatherpride.be/dl_program_art.php Die Ausstellung geht vom 17. – 19. Februar 2017. Wir würden uns freuen, wenn Du mit Deinen Freunden kommst.

The Lars Deike exhibition hosted by Servicewerk Berlin http://www.leatherpride.be/dl_program_art.php is presented at The House Of Heart Restaurant at Darklands. The Exhibition will be the complete Leather and Fetish Pride in Antwerpen 17. – 19th of Feb. 2017. Opening is at the 17th at 17.30 – so hopefully we see you there!

ARE YOU A VOYEUR? Anyone who likes painting is, by nature, a voyeur. And the paintings of Lars Deike will make you feel a voyeur more than ever. Lars Deike makes being a voyeur a virtue. His skill lies in his ability to make bizarre leather and sado-masochist scenes seem like natural human interaction. In the Leatherpride 2017 exhibition, two pieces celebrate just that: ‘Party people’ and ‘Fetish-Factory’. You become one of them in your naked innocence. You are dressed for the occasion, you are mingling, and you become a part of this warm group of friends. A lack of facial features allows you fill your ‘real’ imagination with new guests, and new faces, every time you fantasise.


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