Café Den Draak

100% love it
Drinks and snacks in the Pink House
A straight-friendly gay Antwerp landmark located just southeast of the city centre in lovely Zurenborg, Café den Draak (The Dragon Café) is a warm, cosy and atmospheric café-bar hangout that got started in 2001 by volunteers working upstairs at the gay and lesbian community centre Het Roze Huis (The Pink House). The space is marked by high ceilings, brick walls, a black-and-white-tiled floor and a long bar with stools. De Koninck and Tripel Karmeliet figure among the signature beers on offer, plus a quality pick of wine, tea and coffee. The limited food menu features just soup and croque monsieur, but the area specialises in good restaurants. Zurenborg is also home to one of the continent's more exquisite 'ghettos' of art nouveau architecture [see entry]. Take the 11 tram to the deservedly treasured street called Cogels-Osylei (just beyond Draakplaats) and tour the surrounding area. Pretty pretty pretty. The café tends to close between 2 and 3am during the week, and between 3 and 5am at the weekend.