Cafedelove (at Cargo Club)

100% love it
Girls! Girls! Girls!, but only occasionally
The most established and popular lesbian parties in town, Cafedelove and Cafedeluxe (pronounced Cafe de Love and Cafe de Luxe) were monthly-only dance nights, residents of Antwerp's impressive Cargo Club (ex-Red & Blue) — a former metalworks factory with its industrial feel intact. Cafedelove staged themed nights (eg bad girls, 80s and 90s, Chinese New Year, fairytales) and featured commercial pop, neo-R&B and other contemporary sounds. Its sister club Cafedeluxe offered a more straightforward experience, with commercial house dominating the dance floor. Started by Ann Van den Eeden in 2004, the venture was the mecca of lesbian club culture in Flanders, attracting women of all ages and tastes along with their open-minded friends, including "male soulmates", with occasional live shows, including cabaret. Sadly Cafedeluxe is no more, but occasional Cafedelove "revival parties" keep the spirit alive. Look out for the next party at Cargo Club.